Why “why?” is Way More Than Just An Annoying Question Your Child Asks to Drive You Crazy

Child holding Why sign

Every child reaches the stage of why? somewhere around two or three years old.  And I regret to inform you that it really never goes away. Teenagers ask why? for different reasons, perhaps, but with the same annoying intensity. You may try to ignore the whys by changing the subject (when they are little) or exercising your…

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Help Your Child Turn a Youth Sports Failure Upside Down


Failure has really gotten a bad rap. People run from it, get depressed over it, and drive themselves mercilessly just to steer clear of it. In youth sports, your child hates to fail. Perhaps he gets depressed when he can’t make his free-throws, or cries in the dugout when he strikes out or beats herself up…

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Team Player Podcast: Does Your Child Face a Playing Time Battle?


To Listen to the Podcast, click on the arrow above. Playing time battles in youth sports are a never-ending source of conflict for parents, players and coaches. To address this issue, I’ve asked one of the most fair and–at the same time–competitive coaches I’ve ever known. He coached high school football for 28 years on all…

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How Fun Should Youth Sports Be?


Check out today’s 3 minute video on the three levels of fun in youth sports!     Let your kids have fun, let them be little! AND let them grow up! You can do both at once! Get my ebook for only $1.99!

5 Things You Cannot Turn a Blind Eye to in Youth Sports

Blind eye post

Sometimes you just have to ignore the ridiculous behavior in youth sports. Going on a crusade to stomp out all that’s bad in the youth sports culture is a daunting task. You will do more by being a positive voice for what’s being done right and how to do it right, instead of constantly harping…

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20 Steps to Making Sports Positive for Your Child

Little kid while throwing the basketball

Making sports positive for your child is not a one-time decision. It is actually a series of steps you must take every day, every week, every season. It’s said that a journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step. Begin the journey of positive sports parenting Today. One. Step. At. A. Time. Purpose to show…

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Beware of the Danger of Selfies


Selfies are fun and harmless, right? To a certain extent, I’d say yes. But our society is obsessed with them and that preoccupation is not particularly healthy for kids. I recently read about a study on selfies which said this: Researchers from U.S. and British universities who surveyed nearly 900 female students in the American Midwest…

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What You Should Know About Your Child’s Coach

little league coach

Your child’s coach has graciously volunteered his or her time and energy to help give your child an opportunity to play sports. This is not a sacrifice you should take for granted. That being said, coaches often have quirks, and sometimes they just do things differently than you would. I can say this because I…

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