5 Reasons Your Kids Should Hate Hard Work

Girl Playing Softball

I’ve always wondered why we have a holiday celebrating hard work. What’s to celebrate? After all, says the prevailing theory in life, hard work is not fun. That attitude has seeped into the youth sports culture. Parents, coaches, and leaders have given kids plenty of reasons to hate hard work. And because of those reasons, it should come as no…

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6 Things You Do Not Need to Know to Be a Great Sports Parent

Young Boy Playing Basketball

Athletes do not always beget athletes. I’ve known some more than one un-athletic  sports parent whose kid is a skilled competitor. Perhaps you never played sports, or if you did, you eventually realized that you were not athletically gifted. Now, your kids are starting to play and you’re keeping your fingers crossed that they will have better…

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Youth Sports Wake-up Call: Forget the Past!

team photo

There’s a lot wrong with youth sports. So we’re being told, over and over and over again. Every time I get online I see a new story about a parent gone mad or kids getting burned out. That culture of negativity sparks many conversations about youth sports and “the way it used to be” or “when I…

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Your Child’s Coach is NOT Always Right…So What do You Do When He’s Wrong?

child's coach

Your child’s coach may be a very nice guy. Or he could be a total jerk, like the coaches typified in the Bad Parents Movie. Either way, there will be times when you may think he or she is totally wrong,  Maybe you don’t agree with his playing time practices, his offensive or defensive strategy,…

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Is Your Child Overlooked on His Youth Sports Team?

softball girl

One of the goals of a youth sports team is to help kids learn to be leaders. But the problem is that while many coaches and parents look for natural born, charismatic leaders, they often overlook some of the strongest leaders on the team. Perhaps your child is one of those who is overlooked. Maybe you…

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What Every Parent Needs to Know About PRESSURE

Red Cleats on Base

Pressure is not something we embrace. In fact, parents often cringe when they see their kids in pressure situations. I’ll never forget my son’s 4th grade all-star playoff game. As a pitcher, he was doing great; as a hitter, not so. It was the final inning and he’d just struck out for the third time, going…

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Stop Bickering & Start Bolstering: 5 Ways Sports Parents Can Help Each Other Out

stop the bickering blog

Sports Parents often have tunnel vision when it comes to their kids playing sports. Each parent focuses on his or her child’s issues–whether it’s playing time, teammate conflicts, or coaching problems–often unaware of other families on the sidelines or in the bleachers. This is neither a good or a bad thing. However, a lack of cooperation between sports…

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