4 Signs of a Youth Sports KillJoy


Youth sports is full of people who suffer from the very subtle–or maybe not so subtle–syndrome of being a killjoy. Otherwise known as  spoilsport, wet blanket, party pooper, and prophet of doom. Killjoys usually don’t recognize their own malady, so if you are reading this and saying, “I’m no killjoy!” then take a few minutes and see…

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Youth Sports Podcast: Best Starting Sport For Your Child and Learning From Failure


To listen to the podcast, click on the above arrow. In this new series of youth sports podcasts, I will be focusing on How You Can Help Your Child Improve His Athletic Skills.  Today’s podcast focuses on two issues: what is the best starting sport for your child? and how can you help your child deal…

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2 Words to Avoid in Parenting

Family Counseling - Blame Daughter

Parents have a tendency to rant when they are in parenting mode. Just ask my kids and they will tell you that I’ve been on a few rants over the years. And one of the traps we fall into when we get on rants is using amplifier words. Amplifiers are used in music and on stage…

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3 Ways to Teach Kids in Sports How to “Own It”

free image #4

Something happens to kids in sports when team members feel a sense of ownership. I attended leadership seminar recently where they talked about creating an environment in which a business team feels ownership.  Studies show that when employees feel that ownership in their jobs, they are more accountable for their performance, and thus help lead the…

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Defeat Dehydration with the Proper “Body Armor”

Dehydration concept.

Dehydration is the #1 cause of sports performance problems and injuries in youth athletes. Even mild dehydration will impact your child’s strength, energy, and coordination. Your child’s body needs protection against dehydration, and to help fight it, there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to sports drinks. It’s appropriately named Body Armor….

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Podcast: Are you Realistic About Your Child’s Athletic Skills?


To listen to the podcast, click on the above arrow. When it comes to a child’s athletic skills, parental objectivity goes right out the window. You are either too easy or too hard, and I’m guessing that the tendency for most parents is to err on the side of over-rating their kid’s abilities, rather than under-rating. In…

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