In Youth Sports, Will Your Child Be Able To Climb His Mountain?

"Dolphin Tale 2" Los Angeles, Village Theater, Westwood, CA 09-07-14

Sooner or later everybody has a mountain to climb. And for your child, that challenge very well may come in youth sports. He will face an obstacle, a battle, a mountain that will test him to his very core and if he manages to face that uphill climb with persistence and passion, he will succeed. Last…

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What’s the Rush, Sports Parents?

Little League Baseball Player

Are you in a hurry to rush your child’s sports technique development? Before you answer too quickly, let me ask you: Is most of his young life full of structured practices, lessons, and games, with little or no free time? Are you in a hurry to help him improve his skills, perhaps more quickly than…

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Team Player Podcast: What’s the Big Deal About Winning?


To listen to the podcast, click on the above arrow. It seems there’s a movement to de-emphasize winning in youth sports. This is done by teams not keeping score and giving everyone on the team a trophy so that everyone feels they win. What’s the Big Deal About Winning? Today, I talk about winning with…

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How Your Child Can Be Victorious Win or Lose


No matter what happens with your child coach, no matter what happens in the game or in practice, your child can be victorious. Here’s how my daughter had victory, and how your child can too!     Help Your High School Athlete Have Victory and Experience Success in High School Sports!    

Here’s the Guidelines for Taking Risks in Youth Sports

portrait of young gymnasts training in the stadium

Taking risks should not be the equivalent of tackling danger in youth sports. In this video clip, Peter Vidmar, the highest scoring American gymnast in Olympic History, gives a new meaning to the word risk and explains the difference between risk and danger, when it comes to youth sports. He answers the question, Just how far should…

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Team Player Podcast: Keep Your Child From Cockiness in Sports


To listen to the podcast, click on the above arrow. Sad to say, but cockiness in sports seems to be a side effect of talent for many athletes. Confidence is one thing; but over-confidence is quite another. In this podcast, I talk with Coach John Brubaker, husband, father, and award-winning author–in that order. There were…

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