Here is a Plan for Teaching Your Kids Self Control

self control road sign illustration design

When kids lack self control, it’s easy to laugh it off and say, “Oh, they’re just being kids.” And to a certain extent, I think we must allow  them to “just be kids.” But those kids will not always “just be kids,” and learning self control is part of the growing up process. Self control is your…

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When Is It Safe for Your Young Athlete to Begin Weight Lifting?

weight training

Weight lifting or training will eventually–if it’s not already–be part of your athlete’s regime. Football season is just around the corner and if your son is playing, then you are may already know that strength not only helps him perform better as an athlete, it can also help prevent injuries. The following excerpt is from my ebook, Football…

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What You Must Know about Youth Sports and Concussions

youth football #2

Concussion safety is on the tip of every sports expert’s tongue these days. And there is definitely reason for concern. There’s so much discussion going around that it can get rather overwhelming. Who should you listen to? What should you be doing to be sure your child is safe when playing sports? I sorted through some…

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Introducing the New Sports Parenting Podcast


I’m pleased to announce I’ll soon be releasing the first episode of The Sports Parenting Podcast. Listen in for a brief preview of things to come. As soon as it becomes available, we’ll post links to subscribe via iTunes!

What Will Make Your Child a Champion?

Little boy having fun in the pool

What is it that defines a champion? Take 30 seconds to watch…. College and pro athletes are not champions by chance. They are champions because they are willing to put in the time when the cameras are off and the newspaper reporters are not around. Your child will not become a champion because he gets…

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What Every Parent Should Know about Keeping Kids Busy

Children outdoors

Keeping kids busy has developed into a very profitable pastime. Between sports, music lessons, and clubs,  we’ve invented an activity suited to every child’s taste and many parents are quite willing to spend the money on those activities to keep their kids occupied and out of trouble. Keeping kids busy can be addicting. It’s one…

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9 Life-Shaping Reasons You Will Be Glad Your Kids Are Playing Sports


Playing sports is good for kids. You’ve heard the usual list of advantages: the most touted being character building, persistence, teamwork, and fitness. I want to dig deeper into that rationale and explain 9 very specific reasons I am glad that my three 20-something kids played sports from knee-high through college. Of course, I was glad…

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Why it’s Okay for Your Child to be Embarrassed in Sports

Young resting tennis player

Have you seen your child get embarrassed in sports? No athlete enjoys that feeling, and when your child faces situations where he feels embarrassed, he may want to quit or go hide in a corner. My youngest daughter was embarrassed after one particular volleyball tournament match and we had to look all over the school campus to find her sitting…

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