What Every Sports Parent Needs to Know About Dealing with Young Coaches


How do you feel about your child having young coaches? In 21 years of being a sports mom, I saw mostly older coaches who were parents, but every now and then my kids had a rookie that was in their 20s and on more than one occasion I felt bad for the way those youngsters were treated. If…

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Mental Toughness Podcast: Help Your Child with Setting Goals in Youth Sports


To listen to the podcast, click on the arrow above. Setting goals in sports is not just for athletes who want to go pro, or even make it to college. Setting goals is something we should encourage every child in sports to do. And here’s why: The real value of setting goals is not the…

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Making It Right in Youth Sports: Brad Jubin Climbs the Biggest Mountain of All

Brad Jubin

Tired of reading about all that is wrong in youth sports? So are we! TeamSnap and I have teamed up for the Make It Right Campaign this fall to share stories with you of people who are doing what they can to Make It Right in youth sports. There are lots of folks out there who…

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4 Masks Your Child Might Be Wearing When Playing Sports


Masks are abundant on Halloween. And I believe they are also everywhere in youth sports. I’m not talking about pitching masks, or football masks or lacrosse masks or hockey masks. But emotional masks, masks that are hiding something kids don’t want their parents or coaches to know about. With 30-40 million kids playing youth sports each year, I think…

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Mental Toughness Podcast: Everyone Wants to win; But somebody Has to Lose

Craig with Tony Dungee

To Listen to the podcast, click on the arrow above. Winning and losing: the lifeblood of sports. Every team wants to win; nobody likes to lose. If your child’s been playing for awhile, I’m sure he is no different. How does he handle winning and losing? With humility? With arrogance? With anger? You can sugar…

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