10 Things All New Sports Parents Should Know

Little League Soccar

New sports parents–and maybe even ones who’ve been around for a short time–listen up. There’s some things you need to know. When I signed my first child up for gymnastics and then later for softball, I entered a whole new world. Youth sports is its own unique culture and I had certainly had no idea…

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Youth Sports Podcast: Your Child Gets Cut from the Team…What’s next?


To listen to the podcast, click on the above arrow. When your child gets cut from the team, it can be devastating to him and to you; no one likes rejection. But getting cut from the team doesn’t have to be the end of the road; there are options, and in this podcast, I chat with Rick Harriman from Values…

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Help Your Child Improve by Accepting Change…In Small Doses

Youth baseball catcher

Accepting change is never easy. It’s natural for humans to look for faults in others and minimize our own. Kids do this in sports too but that is not going to help them improve. If your child wants to see positive change, he must quit looking for others to throw better passes or pitch better…

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MYTHBUSTING: Your Kids Should be Playing Sports Early to Have a Chance at Success Later On

Two babies playing soccer ball

Have you fallen for this youth sports myth? Your kids must be playing sports early to have a chance at success later on in high school and potentially college. I’ve done some research and discovered some information that busts that myth clean out of the water. Here’s what I’ve learned. Be Wary of Preschool Sports…

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When Your Child’s Competition is on His Own Team


Is your child’s biggest competition in youth sports turning out to be someone on his own team? Perhaps he is trying to beat another player out for a starting spot or even just to get more playing time. All three of my kids faced this situation at various times in middle and high school. My oldest…

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Sports Parenting Podcast: Get Yourself & Your Child Ready for Team Tryouts


To listen to the team tryouts podcast, click on the above arrow. The week of team tryouts was a week where I inevitably had a few restless nights. Worrying, wondering–would my kid make the team? Of course he will!  There’s no way she wouldn’t!  But in the back of my mind there was always that…

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