What “I love Lucy” says about childhood fears

Every kid deals with childhood fears. And yes I Love Lucy, is still showing re-runs. I came across one the other day. Couldn’t resist watching.

Lucy’s son, “Little Ricky” was ready to go out on stage and play the drums when Mom said,”Don’t be nervous…don’t get stage fright.”

And of course, he did get nervous and did have stage fright and decided he never wanted to play the drums again.

For the next 25 minutes they tried to get him back on stage:

Reverse psychology? Didn’t work. He was too smart.

The power of suggestion? Little Ricky just ignored the drums left set up in the middle of the living room.

Buying a cute drum-playing teddy bear? He took one look, said, “that’s cute,” and walked away.

Nothing was working.

Little Ricky was bound and determined not to play the drums again.

Until Dad sat down beside him on the floor one day for a heart-to-heart talk.

“Big Ricky” (a night club entertainer) told  Little Ricky that when he was a little boy he’d been afraid to play too. He understood Little Ricky’s fear and said that he knew from experience that it was possible to overcome it.

Little Ricky listened and after their father/son chat, he decided he would give drum-playing another try.

Sometimes–and I stress sometimes because I know there are certain childhood issues that are noteasy to fix– the solution to our children’s fears is not all that complicated; we just make it that way. We try all these psychological tactics that no clinical psychologist would recommend and that don’t impress our kids one bit.

When your child expresses a fear–playing sports or drums or riding a bike–try the simple approach first: your attention bathed with love, understanding, and wisdom.

If that doesn’t work? I’ll have to check with Lucy.

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  1. Dina says

    Excellent Janis! This goes right along with the fact that all too often we over-think things. Keeping it simple, honest, and real is all we need to remedy many situations.

    • Janis says

      Dina! Good to hear from you! Hope all is going well at Munchin U! And that Sarah is enjoying her senior year.

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